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Welcome to my little piece of the World Wide Web. is but a stepping stone to the various pages that I have created and maintain, as well as some other pages of interest. You will find a little of everything here, from entertainment to education. Everything you will find here represent a facet of things that interest me and have some importance in my life. They can all be found here, in the dreamrealm.

blog.Dreamrealm: My Blog page.

dreamrealm::365 Project: My 365 Day Photo Project

dreaminggallery.Dreamrealm: Pictures from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic book and other Dreaming related projects.

fiction.Dreamrealm: Stories, short stories and poems written by me.(Currently offline)

gallery.Dreamrealm: My photo album.

rss.Dreamrealm: RSS feed for my various pages.

snowfall.Gareau: My winter blog/snowfall tracker.

videos.Dreamrealm: My videos.

My external sites

Various website services that I use.

facebook.Dreamrealm: My Facebook page.

flickr.Dreamrealm: My Flickr photo page.

flixster.Dreamrealm: My Flixster page.

friendfeed.Dreamrealm: My Friendfeed page.

linkedin.Dreamrealm: My LinkedIn page. My page.

photobucket.Dreamrealm: My Photobucket page.

picassa.Dreamrealm: My Picassa page.

pintrest.Dreamrealm: My Pintrest page.

twitter.Dreamrealm: My Twitter feed.

tumblr.Dreamrealm: My Tumblr page.

youtube.Dreamrealm: My YouTube channel.

vimeo.Dreamrealm: My Vimeo page.


Miscellaneous pages containing anything and everything.

X-Mas Dances: Some cute Christmas Dances from JibJab

Older stuff

Older pages that haven't been updated in a while.

echobase.Dreamrealm: Newly Revamped Star Wars fan shrine. Currently only covering Episode 1 and Episode 2, with 4-6 coming soon!

house.Dreamrealm: My new house!

imageworx.Dreamrealm: My graphic work, using Bryce, Poser, 3DSMax and Photoshop/Photopaint.

kitties.Dreamrealm: My kitties Loki and Kali, the 2 most wonderful kitties in the world (Not updated since 1999).

myspace.dreamrealm : I don't use MySpace much anymore

quack.Dreamrealm: Quack Quack Quack.

My other sites

These are other websites that I either own, or help run A website about the Gareau family and history

Other places to visit

Slashdot: News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.
User Friendly: Hilarious comic strip!
World of Warcraft: The game I've been playing since Jan 2005.
Ottawa Senators: The Sens website

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